What you need to know to Join Coastal Vacations

Oh, by the way, you might think that I am going to tell you that I think that Coastal Vacations is THE “work-at-home-business” to choose.
But I don’t. Necessarily. Here are some reasons why maybe you shouldn’t sign up for Coastal Vacations.

1. You don’t have a computer. (not your issue, since you are reading this) I doubt that you are at the library right now, but if you are, please know that without a home computer, “Life with Coastal” will be difficult, if not impossible.

2. You don’t have basic computer skills.
Yes, you really should learn the basics of the computer before beginning. I am disgusted with how many “newbies’ are allowed to sign on when they can’t even cut, copy and paste. If you don’t know the basics of the computer and you still want to sign up, at least sign up under someone who has some sound computer basics tutorials that you can study.

3. You honestly can’t stand talking on the phone.
4. You are okay with talking on the phone, but are extremely nervous. Okay, right here, I need to tell you, this describes the MAJORITY of people who sign up with Coastal Vacations. They are extremely nervous prospecting on the phone. Don’t get me started on the whack “training” system in place for new people. It is NO TRAINING AT ALL!! Unless you sign up with a director who trains you how to sell on the phone all alone by yourself, then where are you going to be once your “traininig” is over. Peruse this sight to learn what I am talking about with Coastals three way training system. Here. Let me just tell you. Coastal Vacations directors are trained to train you like this: You call your first two “sales” on a three way call. That’s you, your director, and yourself. Then your director “helps” you make the sale. You both do this a second time. Ba da bing ba da boom. That’s your training baby.
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