How to make money with your MLM

The first step in making money with your MLM is found in making sales. SALES, not recruitments. Yes, you heard that right! See, a lot of MLM companies are lying to you…they are telling you that signing people up is more important than making sales. But what if you aren’t making money everytime someone joins? What if you are making money only when they sell? Then if that’s the case, you may find yourself spending all of your time signing up people who don’t care…and don’t sell…which means, none of your time made you any money.

But now, what if you are smart…and you sign up only quality people. And, you train them right. And they sell. Okay, that’s great. But now we come to the next issue…what about your commission on each sale they make? Do you know, right now, how much commission that you, as a beginner, can expect to make off each sale?

How much do you need a month in order to survive? Is your team pulling in the kind of volume that you need in order to earn a decent wage? And if they are selling a lot, how much of that commission do you see…RIGHT NOW?

MLMer, be careful that your company is not dangling a carrot before you. You need to be sure that the time which  you invest in:

  • Recruiting your people
  • Training your people and
  • Keeping your people converts to money. As in, your team is selling enough to make you enough commissions, right now, to pay your bills.

Coastal Vacations has a commission system that earns each and every director a minimum of $1000 commission for every single sale, each time.

All that’s required is that you go through a training process and that you and your trainer close two sales. Then  you are released to begin making thousand dollar plus commissions when you sell the package.

There are three different levels you can join at, and three different commission levels.

It costs less than $1500 to join, which means, once you are a director, you can quickly earn enough commission to repay the cost of the package.

So, MLMer,  what kind of commissions are you making these days? Wanna do better? Start saving your peanuts from your current MLM sales, and save up for the best Vacation Business opportunity on the planet. And when you are ready to invest in your future, give me a call at 816 833 0613. Ask for Susan.



Why you should join Coastal Vacations

Phenomenal commissions

Let’s not be coy…when you join any kind of Business Opportunity, you are not just doing it to help people and to enrich your character. You are doing it to better your finances. Coastal Vacations helps you do this with the best commissions I have ever seen in any home-based business.

Rock solid training

Be real with me hear…no one can make great sales if they haven’t received great training. Do you have a home based business you are a part of? Because if you are selling something, you need to know how to sell it, and how to be good at selling. But you can’t earn until you learn. My team shows you how, with one on one phone training, weekly conference calls, and DAILY contact with our newest members. But it doesn’t stop once you are fully trained. We provide all of our members, new and not so new, with an:

Excellent Support Team

MLMer, can we talk? A lot of Home Based Business Opportunity providers take your money and never speak with you again. But we keep the conversation going! Our support team line is available to all of our members whenever you have a question or concern (during normal business hours) and our overflow staff returns after hours calls as soon as possible. We don’t play hide and seek with our members!

Daily Inspiration

Each day,(if you want it) you’ll receive daily inspiration in your inbox on how to continue to grow your business, or grow as a person.

Continued Support that Goes the Distance

When you receive your directorship, we don’t cut you loose to die on the vine. We help you reach the income you need…for life. Weekly training calls are available for those who need it, along with an abundance of supplemental training programs. We check on our members sales status monthly, even though we have an Aussie 2 up commission system. What this means is, you can expect us to touch base with you even when there is no commission to be made from doing so (it’s called integrity). And we teach you to do the same with your people.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, call Susan at 816 833 0613

Why most MLM’s have a bad rap

A lot of people groan when they hear the word “MLM”. That’s because most MLM’s try to get their members to recruit as many friends and family as they can. It can get quite ridiculous to the point where you are expected to almost stalk your loved ones with “the opportunity”. All of this recruiting becomes forced and unatural and MLMers are tired of it. It’s a total bummer having to edge every conversation toward the opportunity. Dialoging becomes something you dread because you know that you are going to have to present your MLM, invite them to a meeting, ask them to come hear your pitch; and it puts people on the spot.

MLM stands for multi-level-marketing and in case you don’t know, many of these companies encourage their members to sit down and make a list of every possible person in their life who would be open to joining their MLM. And just about the time that the member declares “I’ve called ALL of them and NONE of them are interested!” their recruiter will tell them something like this:
“Think….dig deep….who do you have in your circle of influence”
There’s no one. “ah yes, surely there is. What about the boy who mows your lawn?” He’s 12/ “well, he has parents, right? Ask them” I’ve never met them “well ask. Request an invitation”
Are you beginning to see how pathetic this appears? And how degrading?

When you sign up for Coastal Vacations, you will never hear my team suggest that you do these things. On the contrary! We put your contact information right on our website and let others directly contact you about the program. You don’t have to worry about getting leads who don’t want what you have. You get a customized lead-producing bio and photo front and center on our website. Talk about targeted traffic! And what’s more, we show how to produce your own leads offline, from individuals who want what you have.

If you’re tired of making less than a thousand dollars per sale, and you’re sick and tired of being manipulated, give us a chance to tell you why we’re the best MLM alternative on the planet!

816 833 0613

You were Born to Win

Deep within all of us is a desire to be all that we can be.  If you are new to Coastal Vacations, you may have heard about the opportunity to make lots of money with this program. And it really is true…success can be yours. But what does that mean? What defines success? A lot of people say that making money is what it means to be successful. What they really mean is, I want enough money to be able to afford those things which are important to me. Now let’s think about this…what IS important to us? Most of us would put God or family at the top of this list. And if that’s the case, then we might want to earn more money in order to fund various causes for the Kingdom or for our loved ones. For example: “I want to get rich and change the world” or “I want to earn a decent living so that I can better provide for my family”.  Having definite goals like this will vastly improve the chances of you succeeding with Coastal, for now your motive is not money itself, but the end result.

So, reader, what is your dream? I would love to hear about it!

Winning with Coastal Vacations



Well actually, Mrs. Smith, that’s a very good question…(oh my gosh, what do I tell her…

Friend, how would it feel to wake up in the morning with a fresh, hot stack of leads waiting for you to call….I mean, I’m not talking about people who don’t want to buy your product, but people who really want what you have?

And how would it feel to know that you were qualified to speak with these people…knowing that you knew your product ….and how to present it well?

What if you had wonderful phone skills and had beautiful powers of persuasion…along with plenty of practice using them?

Would that make getting out of bed in the morning a little bit easier?

When you sign up with my team, we teach you how to do all of this. What’s more, you never become a director until you have been hand shown how to close two sales…on your own. That means, when you get behind the phone, you won’t be “new”– You’ll be trained…fully trained. And, you’ll have confidence.  You’ll also not be nervous (well, not too nervous anyway), because the people you’ll be calling have specifically requested to speak with YOU.

So what am I talking about? Well, when you sign up with my team, we place your picture and bio front and center on the first page of Coastal Vacations for one full month. This website enjoys massive traffic, and you’ll get to benefit from it when you are on our team. Visitors get to browse our members and can request a call back from them. Their information is sent to you so that you can quickly return their call, and convert them into a happy member.getty images .dk

This is good for you, as it helps your business. It’s good for them, because they get to make money with Coastal Vacations, and it’s wonderful for me, because I get to sleep at night knowing you have the best leads available and I trained you right.

It’s a win win for everyone!

So, are you ready to win with Coastal? If so, leave your contact information below

Selling Coastal Vacations| The Value of Your Testimony

When you are new to Coastal Vacations, it can be intimidating talking on the phone. You may be scared that your credibility is at stake because you don’t have much experience yet with Coastal.

Yesterday, I spoke with you about The Power of Your Testimony. You need to be able to talk about how Coastal Vacations has impacted your life. But how do you do this?

It can be intimidating talking to new people when you have never even sold one person yet. What do you say when the prospect asks, “SOooo… long have YOU been selling Coastal Vacations?”

What do you say? Or how about his one…”How much money are YOU making with this program?”

Or even this one, “I heard such and such about your company and…” well, maybe it was some not so good information they heard from a disgruntled blogger.

You get the picture.

I have found one sure way to win your prospect over every single time…even if you are new.  Even if you have never sold a single person. Or you joined ten minutes ago.

In my special report “The Value of the Testimony” I show you how to have your prospect eating out of your hand.

Claim it here:

Are you new to Coastal Vacations? Thinking about joining?

Coastal Vacations Strategy

woman blueprintHave you ever wondered how to convince others to buy your big, pricey Coastal Vacations Package? You know the commissions are wonderful. After all, you can make as much as $9000 per sale with Coastal Vacations. But how does one do that?
How do you convince Mr. Joe money bucks that your Coastal Vacations package is all that?

One of the most time-tested ways of promoting any product is called “The value of the testimony”. We will talk more about this tomorrow. But for now, let’s just talk about the “power” of the testimony.

The Power of your Testimony

You’ve probably already heard others share with you how Coastal Vacations has given them the freedom to set their own hours, work from the comfort of their home, and enjoy their family.

When you tell your prospective sign up about the level three package, you want to be able to speak from a base of experience.

Your prospect wants to know what it will be like for them to be a new member of Coastal Vacations. You need to let them know how much Coastal has changed your life and the value of your life experiences.

You need to tell them about the experience you had in learning the product, how well you were trained, and how much you enjoy waking up in the morning to a stack of fresh, hot leads.

But what if that doesn’t describe YOUR experience with Coastal Vacations? What if you had a bad experience with Coastal Vacations?

Not surprisingly, most of the current members who contact me want to resign up under my directorship.

Whether you are a current Coastal Vacations Member looking to put yourself under a whole new umbrella of training, or just a new person looking for the best one on one training you can get, I am here for you.

816 833 0613