You were Born to Win

Deep within all of us is a desire to be all that we can be.  If you are new to Coastal Vacations, you may have heard about the opportunity to make lots of money with this program. And it really is true…success can be yours. But what does that mean? What defines success? A lot of people say that making money is what it means to be successful. What they really mean is, I want enough money to be able to afford those things which are important to me. Now let’s think about this…what IS important to us? Most of us would put God or family at the top of this list. And if that’s the case, then we might want to earn more money in order to fund various causes for the Kingdom or for our loved ones. For example: “I want to get rich and change the world” or “I want to earn a decent living so that I can better provide for my family”.  Having definite goals like this will vastly improve the chances of you succeeding with Coastal, for now your motive is not money itself, but the end result.

So, reader, what is your dream? I would love to hear about it!


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