How to Know if You Have the Right Director

The Most important question to ask a director before signing up for Coastal Vacations.

“How do you train your people”

You must ask this question. Because. (Listen) If your director does not train you properly, you won’t be able to sell the product to enough people to make a livable income.

Coastal Vacations is not like Amway, MaryKay, Liberty League or Y2B.

It is expensive. And expensive products require a different sales approach than these other biz ops.

Learning how to sell a product that is over $400 can take a lot of time and training.

Not every prospect you speak with will be rolling in the dough. It can take some serious persuasion skills, skill you need to practice daily, in order to convince them.

Right now, you probably have stars in your eyes about all the money you can make at Coastal Vacations.

But think. (Could we just think more than once about this?)

I hope you are paying attention right now.

Where are all these people?

“Big money” people, I mean

Or, small money people who will invest their savings.

Or, medium money people, who will believe you enough to shell out the package price?

They are not everywhere.

Which leads me to the next hurdle.

You need to know how to aquire the names and numbers (leads) of prospects who can afford the product.

This is called “targeted marketing”.

See, the real truth is, not everyone has the kind of money that is needed in order to sign up for the program.

So you need to have a fishing pool of prospects who are qualified.

That’s called

having good leads.

So. The second question you must ask your director is “Where do you get your leads”

Listen carefully to what he or she says.

Then, check out the prices of those leads.

Some of them are very expensive.

Which leads me to the third question you must ask. And this is a question which you must answer.

“Can I afford these leads?”

You must understand. Buying leads on a regular basic is an absolute must with Coastal Vacations.

Factor the price of leads into your purchase price.

Expect to buy at least one hundred leads to start with.

If you would like more information about buying good leads, you can contact me here

This article is for people who are already speaking to a director about joining Coastal Vacations.

If you don’t have a director yet, or if you just don’t trust the person who is trying to sell you the package, then you can find a director here.If you are already a member of Coastal Vacations, and you know you picked the wrong director, God help you.

Still, there may be hope here.


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