What it takes to succeed at Coastal Vacations.

If you want to succeed at Coastal Vacations, you need the following. You need:




And that’s about it. If you don’t have good training, you won’t know how to promote the Coastal Opportunity.

If you don’t have leads, you may run out of people to call.

And if you have everything else, but lack confidence, your prospect will smell your fear.

And that, my friend,  is the kiss of death to any sale.

What you need, is a training program that shows you how to handle your customer’s questions after you’ve been shown how to generate the most interested personalized leads available. In other words, you need to have leads who want what you have.

You need to have the right training to approach your leads.

And, you need to have the best leads possible.

Having great leads definitely can take away some of the fear of rejection on the phone.

Having leads who have requested you by name is just about the most stress free lead you can think of. Because you know they:

want what you have

have requested a call back

and specifically asked for you yourself to call them.

All of this is possible when you sign up with my team. We train you from A to z to answer any questions your prospect could throw at you. When you sign up with our team, we run your bio on our front page, along with a contact form where people can request that you personally call them back. And if that doesn’t get you feeling more confident, we work with you on attaining that winning mindset that sets you apart as a winner.

Guys, it just doesn’t get any easier than this!

So if you’re ready to generate great leads, get rock solid training, and have the most confident “selling mindset” on the planet, sign up here. I’ll be sure to get back with you.


Why people are scared to sell on the phone.


The number one reason that people are scared to sell on the phone, is fear of rejection. The second biggest reason is the fear of being asked a question that the salesperson is not prepared to answer.

If you think about it, good salespeople do not have these issues. Let’s talk about it: I want you to think of the most successful salesperson you know of. If you are in an MLM (multi-level marketing company), then you want to think of the guy at the top, that outsells everyone, every month.  Now just for a moment, I want you to ask yourself this question; could you ever in a million years think of a situation where this guy or gal would be nervous about someone hanging up on them? Because if they are like most highly successful salespeople, their confidence is running over; they are brimming with self confidence, and it shows. So it would be hard to imagine them ever wincing at the thought of being rejected.

Now, let’s move onto the second scenario. To be fair, we need to “tweak” this question a bit, to apply it to this mega-salesperson’s situation. That second reason I gave you for people fearing the phone, is the fear that they will not have an answer to a question that someone throws them on the phone call. And if you think about it for a moment, it really  doesn’t seem fair to compare the new MLMers fear with that of  the top guy,  when you consider the top leader’s experience and knowledge base. After all, if you knew everything there was to know about your MLM, you’d be confident too, right? Well, not necessarily. Because the truth is, most MLMs have something troubling about their history–but you just don’t know about it…yet.  But Mr. Joe Moneybucks who’s been in this thing awhile, he could tell you all about your MLMs lawsuits, or about some “diamonds” at the top who ripped people off and then relocated…to the South Pacific. And the truth is, even if you possess ALL the knowledge about all there is to know about your company, you can still feel fear…if you don’t deal with it like the successful phone salespeople do.  So how do they do it? How do the top producers eliminate fear and forge forward in their selling? I cover all of this in my free report, “Abolishing fear on the phone”. Claim your copy now:


Starting over with Coastal Vacations

Dear MLMer:

I know that you are tired and frustrated with the way your MLM is treating you. Maybe you’ve been ripped off in commissions. Maybe you don’t see any real chance for financial increase without spending lots of time and money. Maybe you are so sick of calling dead leads, making cold calls, and hearing no ALL DAY.

MLMer, it doesn’t have to be that way. You could be making one thousand dollars, per sale, RIGHT NOW if.

If you have $1,340 I can show you how to
generate leads, have confidence in closing that sale, and how to promote your business. All of my members have the opportunity to place a picture and a short bio on my front page. Most do not need to do that, because they’ve been taught how to start their own blog and how to promote themselves. But that is an option.

My members know how to generate their own, personalized, quality leads from prospects who want what they have. They know how to anticipate and handle objections on the phone. All of them have phone training so they are comfortable speaking on the phone without awkwardness (this is very important).

If you are tired of whipping a dead horse, get on board with a team of people who are in your ring, and let us take you to the top.
816 833 0613
Let’s talk

Directors who won’t train their people.

A while back, I was too busy to train any new people. And I knew that if I signed on any new people during that season, that they would be shortchanged. I only sign up the number of people that I can reasonable manage. Otherwise, the new members will not get the personal attention owed them.

The problem was, for some reason, the Search Engines were loving this one particular post that I had written about…directors. It was a post about how directors need to train their people. Isn’t it ironic that on the very day I received the most traffic, I had a family emergency.  So here I was, with all of these beautiful prospects, and unable to sign them up. I knew that all of them were crazy about me, because…they told me so! For some reason that post had generated all kinds of reaction from Coastal orphans who had been dumped by their directors. And they all wanted me to re sign them up and coach them.

There’s one thing you don’t ever want to do in any business, especially network marketing.

 You never want to violate the trust of your people.

I knew that signing up twelve new members was NOT an option…I wanted to get them the training that they deserved, so I did the only thing that I knew how…I called up one of the leading directors who was on the front page of Google, and I asked her if she would like to sign up my people. At first she didn’t understand, so I again asked her, would you like my leads. I explained that I’d found her online and that she seemed to be a quality person from what I had read about her. I explained that I wasn’t wanting her to buy my leads, that I just wanted to know if I could tell these people to expect a call back from her.
Her response? “Yea, you can give them to me I guess. I’m busy right now. Just go to (such and such) website and enter their information into the system you see.”
Unbelievable (so much for gratitude).
She honestly expected me to go online and manually enter each and every lead, one by one, into some opt in form, rather than diligently finding out about these people and how she could serve them.
And I had to step back and ask myself, does a woman who doesn’t even have the time to write down the contact info about five star leads really have any time for her people once she gets their money?

People, just because someone says they are all that with Coastal Vacations, well, that doesn’t prove that they are “all that”. Before you sign up with anyone, ask them PERSONALLY how they train their new people. If they don’t have time to talk to you about this, go to the next director.

Now, if you are considering finding a director with Coastal Vacations, I would enjoy speaking with you. (816)833-0613. Ask for Sue.

Success with Coastal Vacations

Question: What’s the difference between a successful Coastal Vacations member and and unsuccessful one

Answer: A successful Coastal Vacations member understands how to market the product.

If you want to succeed with Coastal Vacations, you are going to need to know basic skills.

It’s not enough to sign up with the program; you need to understand how to:

  • Present the product in it’s best possible light
  • Gain experience with the phone (as in, more than just a training call or two)  and you need to learn…
  • How to close sales.

Coastal Vacations does require your director to help you close your first two qualifying sales (we’ll cover that tomorrow). Unfortunately, many directors stop there. That’s because once your director gets those first two sales, they have no personal incentive to continue training you, other than their online reputation as a Coastal Vacations director.

What I’m saying is, your director needs INTEGRITY. Without it, they have no motive to continue the training after their two closing sales are made.

But closing two sales with your director is not enough training. You need to rigorously understand phone sales and how to close, in a variety of situations.

When you sign up with my team,  we automatically plug you into  a robust training campaign that positions you as an expert: we place your picture on this website and invite others to sign up under you. Then, we continue to train you on the phone, long after that sale is made, so you aren’t left floundering under water without a director.


What it (really) takes (Winning with Coastal Vacations)

Winning with Coastal Vacations

Understanding what it really takes to Succeed online

There is only one thing you will ever need to do to succeed at anything you try. The answer is:

What it takes.

Once you get the mindset of “What it takes” you won’t never need to wonder if you will be successful. You have made up your mind:

You will do whatever it takes to be successful.
Thankfully, in the world of internet marketing, doing what it takes doesn’t mean you need to rip-off others.
If you’ve been online for more than a while, you are beginning to see the unethical schemes of some “marketers”. They’ll promise you jewels, mansions, whatever it takes to get you to lay down your hard earned cash.
I wish I could tell you that they don’t need to do that to get your money. But I’d be lying. Maybe they wouldn’t have to do that to get YOUR money, but to get most people’s money, they need to support the lie. That is the lie that all newbies want to believe:

The lie that all newbies want to believe.

Here it is:

“There must be some magic formula, some pixie dust that I can buy that will launch me to the top overnight”.

“Successful” internet marketers know that they can get your money by telling you this garbage (I say “successful” tongue in cheek, because success is more than money).

They may get your money, but in the end, they will never earn your respect.

A wise sage said

“A good name is rather to be chosen than silver or gold”.

My reputation is worth more to me than the globs of dough I could rake in by lying.I have first page rankings on Google for “Coastal Vacations Training”
Don’t think for a minute that my online ranking hasn’t earned me credibility.
And massive traffic.
Anyday I want to turn renegade and forfeit my soul, I can start lying and tell you just what you want to hear…that success is easy, costs nothing, and requires zero effort.that I have THE formula, and you just have to buy something and do nothing.
Folks would buy it.Because.
They want to believe it.
Even people who know better, who lie for a living, would want some additional fodder to add to their arsenal of ba hooey.
I am so sick of seeing this garbage everywhere I turn on the net.
Aren’t you tired of “who else wants to earn…”
“They laughed when I told them…but they’re not laughing now”
“What will YOU you do with YOUR millions when you apply my system”
People are tired of this. It’s the same old fire engine red, huge screaming font-in-your-face nonsense.
If you are new to the internet, just wait, you will become familiar with these ads.
My favorites are the ones where they show the guys in the trench coats sniffing money and smiling greedily.
Why do people buy this lie?
Greedy people selling to other greedy people.
And here’s the lie they sell…”I have a formula that no one else has.”
It’s a lie.
There is no formula. Only wisdom.
Wisdom knows that there are specific, intelligent, time proven ways to make money online.
Wisdom knows that there is a proper way, time and method for using different approaches in differnet situations.
Wisdom knows what works, what works well, and what works exceptionally well at select times.

To use a one size fits all method is nuts.

The best way to learn how to create wealth is to get one on one mentoring from an internet blackbelt.
That is extremely expensive.

The next best way is to learn some marketing basics, implement them one at a time, in the proper order, and make money as you go, until you can upgrade your internet business.
Do you really think that some body who is a millionaire got there through some secret method?

They didn’t. They tried many different programs, learned what really worked, and fine tuned it. No way will they tell you everything they know. They know massive amounts of info. What sells. Which crowd. At what time. What sells you. What works with what .but not there or then. You get the picture. They couldn’t possibly tell you everything you need to know to get as rich as them, because it would take you a while to learn it all. They will never tell you that even with their “all inclusive” program, there are expenses involved. Even if they wanted to be honest, they could not sell it to most people. Most people want to believe “the lie”. Almost all of them will buy the lie. If it sounds believable. People want to believe it is easy.
How about you? Are you tired of the pipe dream? Are you done with it yet? Are you really ready to “do what it takes” roll up your sleeves and get to work?
If you are , then fill out the form below and let’s get started. And when you do, be sure to mention if you are already a member of Coastal Vacations.