Assuming the Sale

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Of all the things I could teach you about closing the sale, this is the very most important part. If you are a student of the Coastal training courses I teach, then you know that “Assuming the Sale” is the very most important aspect to closing a sale.

Assuming the sale is THE number one secret to closing. And it all comes down to your belief. In other words, you must believe that your prospect is going to buy. How are you going to have the faith to believe that your prospect is going to buy? Simple:

You must believe in the value of what you are selling.

You must believe that it is exactly what your customer needs to have

You must believe that your customer wants it–right now–or that he or she will want it by the time you have presented the merits of the opportunity.

And you must believe that your customer has the power to purchase this product.

These criteria present us with some challenges. Let’s start with the last one

“You must believe that your customer has the power to purchase this product.”

Do you believe that? Do you honestly believe that your…

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Selling Coastal Vacations| The Value of Your Testimony

When you are new to Coastal Vacations, it can be intimidating talking on the phone. You may be scared that your credibility is at stake because you don’t have much experience yet with Coastal.

Yesterday, I spoke with you about The Power of Your Testimony. You need to be able to talk about how Coastal Vacations has impacted your life. But how do you do this?

It can be intimidating talking to new people when you have never even sold one person yet. What do you say when the prospect asks, “SOooo… long have YOU been selling Coastal Vacations?”

What do you say? Or how about his one…”How much money are YOU making with this program?”

Or even this one, “I heard such and such about your company and…” well, maybe it was some not so good information they heard from a disgruntled blogger.

You get the picture.

I have found one sure way to win your prospect over every single time…even if you are new.  Even if you have never sold a single person. Or you joined ten minutes ago.

In my special report “The Value of the Testimony” I show you how to have your prospect eating out of your hand.

Claim it here:

Are you new to Coastal Vacations? Thinking about joining?