What it (really) takes (Winning with Coastal Vacations)

Winning with Coastal Vacations

Understanding what it really takes to Succeed online

There is only one thing you will ever need to do to succeed at anything you try. The answer is:

What it takes.

Once you get the mindset of “What it takes” you won’t never need to wonder if you will be successful. You have made up your mind:

You will do whatever it takes to be successful.
Thankfully, in the world of internet marketing, doing what it takes doesn’t mean you need to rip-off others.
If you’ve been online for more than a while, you are beginning to see the unethical schemes of some “marketers”. They’ll promise you jewels, mansions, whatever it takes to get you to lay down your hard earned cash.
I wish I could tell you that they don’t need to do that to get your money. But I’d be lying. Maybe they wouldn’t have to do that to get YOUR money, but to get most people’s money, they need to support the lie. That is the lie that all newbies want to believe:

The lie that all newbies want to believe.

Here it is:

“There must be some magic formula, some pixie dust that I can buy that will launch me to the top overnight”.

“Successful” internet marketers know that they can get your money by telling you this garbage (I say “successful” tongue in cheek, because success is more than money).

They may get your money, but in the end, they will never earn your respect.

A wise sage said

“A good name is rather to be chosen than silver or gold”.

My reputation is worth more to me than the globs of dough I could rake in by lying.I have first page rankings on Google for “Coastal Vacations Training”
Don’t think for a minute that my online ranking hasn’t earned me credibility.
And massive traffic.
Anyday I want to turn renegade and forfeit my soul, I can start lying and tell you just what you want to hear…that success is easy, costs nothing, and requires zero effort.that I have THE formula, and you just have to buy something and do nothing.
Folks would buy it.Because.
They want to believe it.
Even people who know better, who lie for a living, would want some additional fodder to add to their arsenal of ba hooey.
I am so sick of seeing this garbage everywhere I turn on the net.
Aren’t you tired of “who else wants to earn…”
“They laughed when I told them…but they’re not laughing now”
“What will YOU you do with YOUR millions when you apply my system”
People are tired of this. It’s the same old fire engine red, huge screaming font-in-your-face nonsense.
If you are new to the internet, just wait, you will become familiar with these ads.
My favorites are the ones where they show the guys in the trench coats sniffing money and smiling greedily.
Why do people buy this lie?
Greedy people selling to other greedy people.
And here’s the lie they sell…”I have a formula that no one else has.”
It’s a lie.
There is no formula. Only wisdom.
Wisdom knows that there are specific, intelligent, time proven ways to make money online.
Wisdom knows that there is a proper way, time and method for using different approaches in differnet situations.
Wisdom knows what works, what works well, and what works exceptionally well at select times.

To use a one size fits all method is nuts.

The best way to learn how to create wealth is to get one on one mentoring from an internet blackbelt.
That is extremely expensive.

The next best way is to learn some marketing basics, implement them one at a time, in the proper order, and make money as you go, until you can upgrade your internet business.
Do you really think that some body who is a millionaire got there through some secret method?

They didn’t. They tried many different programs, learned what really worked, and fine tuned it. No way will they tell you everything they know. They know massive amounts of info. What sells. Which crowd. At what time. What sells you. What works with what .but not there or then. You get the picture. They couldn’t possibly tell you everything you need to know to get as rich as them, because it would take you a while to learn it all. They will never tell you that even with their “all inclusive” program, there are expenses involved. Even if they wanted to be honest, they could not sell it to most people. Most people want to believe “the lie”. Almost all of them will buy the lie. If it sounds believable. People want to believe it is easy.
How about you? Are you tired of the pipe dream? Are you done with it yet? Are you really ready to “do what it takes” roll up your sleeves and get to work?
If you are , then fill out the form below and let’s get started. And when you do, be sure to mention if you are already a member of Coastal Vacations.


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